26/11 Accused Tahawwur Rana Step Closer to Extradition To India After United States Court Move

Tahawwur Rana is presently restrained at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Los Angeles.


A United States court has actually rejected the writ of habeas corpus submitted by Pakistani- beginning Canadian entrepreneur Tahawwur Rana, leading the way for United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken to provide a qualification for him to be extradited to India where he is encountering a test for his supposed participation in the 2008 Mumbai horror assaults.

“The court has denied Tahawwur Rana’s petition for writ of habeas corpus by a separate order,” Judge Dale S Fischer, United States District Judge, Central District of California, composed in his order on August 2.

However, Rana has actually submitted a charm versus the order and also looked for a remain on his extradition to India till the moment his allure in the Ninth Circuit Court is listened to.

In June this year, Rana had actually submitted “writ of habeas corpus” testing a court order that acceded to the demand of the United States federal government that the 2008 Mumbai horror assaults implicated be extradited to India.

Judge Fischer in his order stated Rana has actually just made 2 fundamental debates in the writ.

First, he declares that, according to the treaty, he can not be extradited since India intends to prosecute him for the exact same represent which he was billed and also acquitted in a United States court. Second, he says that the federal government has actually not developed that there is potential reason to think that Rana devoted the Indian offenses for which he is anticipated to stand test, the court stated.

He rejected both debates of Rana.

“Given that, even if (David) Headley’s testimony were the entire basis for the probable cause finding, it would be sufficient for the purposes of habeas review because it constitutes some competent evidence supporting the finding. For the reasons stated above, Rana’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus is DENIED,” the court composed.

Following Judge Fischer’s order, Patrick Blegen and also John D Cline, Rana’s 2 lawyers submitted an attract the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from the Order entered upon August 10, 2023, for rejecting his request for writ of habeas corpus.

In a different allure, Blegen has actually submitted a request “for a stay of extradition pending his appeal” to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from the court’s order rejecting his request for a writ of habeas corpus.

“As set forth in the accompanying memorandum, petitioner submits that a stay of extradition pending appeal is appropriate because he has made a strong showing that he is likely to succeed on the merits of his non bis in idem claim; he will suffer irreparable harm if he is extradited, potentially including the death penalty; a stay pending appeal will not substantially injure the government; and the public interest favors a full review of Rana’s non bis claim before he is sent to a country that seeks to execute him,” Rana’s lawyer composed on August 14.

In June, the Biden management had actually prompted the court to refute the writ of habeas corpus submitted by Rana.

“The United States respectfully requests that the court deny Rana’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus,” stated E Martin Estrada, United States lawyer for Central District of California, in his request submitted prior to the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

In May, Rana had actually submitted “writ of habeas corpus” testing the court order, which acceded with the demand of the United States federal government that the 2008 Mumbai horror assaults implicated be extradited to India.

Filing the writ of habeas corpus via his lawyer, Rana tested his extradition by the federal government of India.

Rana’s extradition would certainly go against the United States-India extradition treaty in 2 aspects, his lawyer said.

First, Rana has actually been attempted and also acquitted in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois for costs based upon the similar conduct for which India looks for to prosecute him. He said that extradition is, as a result, disallowed under Article 6( 1) of the Treaty, which states that “[e]extradition shall not be granted when the person sought has been convicted or acquitted in the Requested State for the offense for which extradition is requested.” Second, the product sent by the GOI– being composed mostly of records and also displays from Rana’s test in the Northern District of Illinois– stop working to develop potential reason that he devoted the offenses for which India has actually billed him. The Indian federal government extradition demand therefore falls short to please Article 9.3( c) of the Treaty, the lawyer stated, including the court needs to approve the writ of habeas corpus, refute extradition and also order Rana’s launch.

However, the United States federal government has actually stated Rana be extradited to India.

In his entry to the United States Court on June 23, the United States lawyer said that Rana’s declares regarding the authenticity of his company in Mumbai fail. The proof does not assistance Rana’s assertion that the Mumbai workplace carried out genuine company, however also if it did, the interaction of genuine company tasks does not prevent a searching for that Rana’s company additionally acted as a cover for Headley’s terrorism-related tasks in Mumbai.

“Rana’s claims about who funded the Mumbai office also do not relate to whether Rana lacked knowledge of and support for Headley’s activities. Similarly, even if Rana hoped to continue business operations in Mumbai, the evidence reveals that neither Rana nor Headley renewed the business lease that expired approximately two weeks before the start of the Mumbai attacks,” Estrada said.

He stated the reality that Rana obtained a caution prior to the assaults does not prevent a searching for of potential reason.

“In the fall of 2008, when Headley learnt that Rana was going to travel to China and India, he decided to warn Rana that an attack may be forthcoming through a co-conspirator,” Estrada stated.

“While the details of the conversation between Rana and the co-conspirator are unknown, a September 7, 2009, FBI intercept reveals that Rana told Headley that their co-conspirator had warned him (Rana) that the Mumbai attacks were imminent. Contrary to Rana’s claim, the co-conspirator’s warning does not suggest that he was unaware of the upcoming attacks,” the United States lawyer said.

Instead, it just recommends that Rana was not knowledgeable about the day of the strike, which follows the reality that Headley had actually educated Rana previously that the strike strategies were being postponed, he stated.

Estrada stated Rana’s insurance claim that he did not evaluation Headley’s visa application is in need of support by the proof. “Rana does not dispute that Headley’s visa applications contain false information; rather, he claims that it is “unlikely that [he] checked [the applications] for accuracy” since he would certainly have fixed a declaration showing that Headley helped “First World Immigration,” as opposed to “Immigrant Law Center.”

“While “Immigration Law Center” is a “DBA for Raymond J. Sanders,” RANA’s company companion, that company and also “First World Immigration” shared the exact same address and also phone number. Significantly, India provided Headley a service visa, despite the fact that he composed “First World Immigration” on his 2006 visa application and also the going along with assistance letter fromMr Sanders described the using entity as “Immigration Law Center.” Thus, Rana’s insurance claim does not threaten potential reason and also is not convincing,” the United States lawyer stated.


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