EU guard dog to check out Frontex’s function in harmful Adriana shipwreck

The European Union’s guard dog on Wednesday introduced an examination right into the function Frontex played in among the most dangerous migrant shipwrecks in current background.

Among the files EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has actually required accessibility to is the official record by the Union’s outside boundary company regarding just how occasions unravelled when the Adriana watercraft sank on 14 June off the coastline of Greece.


Up to 750 individuals got on board the angling vessel. Only 104 made it through while 82 bodies were recouped.

The misfortune reignited sharp objection of the Greek coastguard in addition to Frontex that are implicated of not taking the essential activities that can have stopped the shipwreck.

Frontex has stated it used aid to the Greek authorities after the chock-full watercraft was seen yet that both telephone calls went unanswered. Greek authorities have actually on the other hand safeguarded its procedure– a solitary ship was sent out yet used no aid after the captain of the trawler apparently declined aid in order to proceed cruising in the direction ofItaly

An examination has actually been gone for the nationwide degree yet O’Reilly stated in a declaration that “Frontex’s role in search and rescue operation also needs to be clarified.”

‘ I need to make what is unseen noticeable’

“I decided to see what we could do in relation to filling the gaps in the story and primarily by looking at the role of the EU’s border agency, Frontex, to see what it knows about it, its involvement in it, its responsibilities, its legal obligations and other obligations in relation to it,” she informed Euronews in a meeting.

Search and also rescue is a capability of nationwide federal governments, O’Reilly stated, with numerous conventions connected to maritime regulations and also evacuees additionally contributing to the lawful structure bordering such procedures.

Yet, she stated, “I don’t think it’s down to the narrow legal basis as between the competence of a member state and the competence of Frontex in relation to what happened when hundreds of people are in imminent danger of dying — and in fact, hundreds of people ultimately did die.”

“So it’s sort of untangling all of those relationships and responsibilities. And, of course, as you know, there’s politics in all of this as well.

” I believe I need to make what is unseen noticeable. And afterwards, political choices, options can be made in regard to it. But the essential point, the essential job that I will certainly do and also the Greek Ombudsman will certainly do is that we will certainly lay separately the realities around. And that by itself, I believe ought to trigger, ideally, will certainly trigger modification in regard to this,” the Ombudsman added.

Frontex ‘helped rescue 28,000 people this year’

As part of the own-initiative inquiry, O’Reilly is also asking for details about how national authorities and Frontex communicate over search and rescue operations and about the rules for the use of cameras mounted on boats during joint operations. She is also demanding clarification over whether Frontex reports on fundamental rights violations with regard to the interactions of national authorities with NGO vessels that rescue people at sea.

Both the Greek coastguards and Frontex have been accused of violating fundamental human rights in recent years by either carrying out of turning a blind eye to migrant pushbacks at sea.


A report by OLAF, the EU’s anti-fraud agency, that was leaked late last year documented multiple such pushbacks in the Aegean Sea between 2020 and 2021 that were covered up by Frontex.

The scandal led to the resignation of Fabrice Leggeri as Frontex chief with his successor, Hans Leijtens vowing to end the practice when he came into office.

Frontex said in a statement to Euronews that they “look forward to fully cooperating with the Ombudsman to explain the role Frontex plays in search and rescue operations.”

“It is important to note that Frontex does not coordinate search and rescue operations. This is the responsibility of the national rescue coordination centres. Nevertheless, Frontex sees the rescue of lives at sea as one of its essential roles and provides all the necessary support to national authorities when needed. 

“This means that Frontex vessels conduct search and rescue operations when called upon. In addition, both Frontex vessels and aircraft provide rescue centres and rescuers with information vital to saving lives.

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‘We need to trust national judicial systems’

The Ombudsman office also announced on Wednesday that it will launch a second investigation later this year into the role of EU institutions in upholding fundamental rights in border management activities.

The European Commission has always maintained that border management is a competence of member states and that any possible violation of international and humanitarian law must be carried out by national authorities.

It reiterated this in a statement on Wednesday in which home spokesperson Anitta Hipper said the Commission ” to discuss the function European Ombudsman plays in search and also rescue procedures.”.

“The is very important to keep in mind that Greek does not coordinate search and also rescue procedures.The is the duty of the nationwide rescue sychronisation centres. Greece,

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Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said earlier this month, during a grilling by the European Parliament’s Justice Committee, that ” aided to save virtually 28,000 individualsGreek remembers of the own-initiative query introduced by the

Greek today

This examinations by theEmily O’Reilly authorities are continuous.Commission’s examination is the duty of the participant state–

Read in this instance – under the control of independent courts”, she

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